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Our daughter turned four at the beginning of the year. And while we have dressed her up for Halloween since she was a baby, this year is the first year that she’s really getting into it. Like….REALLY.

So we decided that we would start breaking out decorations. Now, keep in mind that we do not own our home. We live on an Army post in Georgia, and it is a townhouse that is part of a four-plex. So we share entryways with one neighbor, and a carport with another. We aren’t allowed to have blow up decorations, and we can’t go overboard with anything that alters the building.

Thankfully, our little one has a pair of creative parents.

My husband decided to break her into the Halloween spirit easy. He bought a couple bags of those spiderwebs that come with plastic spiders, and one day, the two of them went out front and decided where they should go, and our daughter strategically placed the plastic spiders within the webs. She did a great job, as you can see.

She did SO good, that my husband got freaked out when he left in the wee hours of the morning the next day for work. I will admit, I laughed when he told me. And then when he heard me gasp as I went to leave just a short while later, he got his laugh in.

The spiderwebs were all fine and dandy. And our daughter got a kick out of it everyday. But we have this door to our storage in the carport, and we had to do something with it. I couldn’t just leave it looking plain. So I came up with an idea, that literally cost me $2 from Wal-Mart, because I had everything else on hand.


Here’s everything that we used, yes, the Cricut Explore Air was used, too.

We’ve got:

~ Cricut Explore Air

~ Cricut Standard Grip Mat

~ Three 12x12 pieces of black cardstock

~ One 8.5x11 piece of red cardstock

~ 2 packages of white streamers (we only used one, and technically, we could have used toilet paper!)

~ ScotchBlue Painters Tape

~ Ad Tech Crafter’s Tape, Permanent

Here’s how we completed our project…

First, I searched through Cricut Design Space for the eyes and mouth. I found the eyes real easy, but I wasn’t finding anything I liked for the mouth. So I began scrolling through everything Halloween for inspiration, and that is how I ended up with the Bride of Frankenstein for our mouth.

I had to make some alterations to the designs I chose. First, I eliminated the two pairs of eyes I wasn’t going to use. Then I changed the eyes to black. To add a creepy effect, I wanted the eyes to glow red, so I added a circle, unlocked the shape, and warped it to make it fit behind the black part of the eyes. I turned the black part for the right eye off in the photo below so you could see the outcome for the red circle. I shaped it into an oval, then rotated the oval and adjusted until it fit perfectly behind the black.

Next came the mouth. The first thing I did here was to unlock the image so I could make the dimensions to have the mouth fit an entire 12x12 piece of cardstock.

Then, I turned the white part of the Bride of Frankenstein’s hair off in the layers panel.

Then, I changed the main hair color, and the gray filler color both to black.
Finally, I welded the Bride of Frankenstein’s hair layers together. Doing this makes it so the entire hair piece will cut as one.
When all of that is done, this is what your cutting mats will look like.

Now that we’ve got everything cut out, let’s get those red pieces attached to the eyes!

This is where I use the Ad Teach Crafter’s Tape. It’s a nice and easy roll on application, and that cardstock isn’t going anywhere!

Time to get this door put together!

So, this was definitely a two man job, lol. Of course, with the help of our daughter, who eventually started decorating my husband’s motorcycle as a mummy, too, hahaha!!

My original idea was to wrap the streamers around the door, putting a line of tape down the center on the back side of the door, to keep it all in place. That quickly turned into a debacle trying to squeeze the streamers through the door crack. So my brilliant husband came up with a better idea.

He lined the side of the door opposite of the hinges with the blue painter’s tape, only pressing half of the tape down. Then, he would tuck the streamer in the half that was flapped open, press the tape down on that piece, stretch it across the door, breaking it off with a few extra inches to spare, pass it through the crack of the door to me, who would then secure it to the back side of the door with more painter’s tape. When we were done, he took another piece of painter’s tape, and reinforced the side of the door to keep things in place.

Finally, we got to put that face on the front of the door!

Here’s where we used that crafter’s tape again. Simply ran a few stripes across the back of each piece, and pressed it to the streamers! Easy, peasy!


Start to finish, this was about a 30-40 minute project, and, to be honest, the longest part was taping the streamers to the door. We actually only used one package of streamers, so now I get to find something to do with that other package! YAY!