Let’s face it…Life is messy. We run late. We over sleep. We rush out the door. We have bad hair days. I get it. That’s where this fun and quick little project will save you.

Enter the messy bun hat! Ta-da!!

Super cute, right? It’s also super easy.

I had been looking all over the internet, trying to find a messy bun hat that was quick, easy, and, most of all, cute. I didn’t want the straight double crochet hat. I didn’t want the front post/back post patterns. I wanted something cute. That’s when I stumbled upon Sarah’s blog, Repeat Crafter Me.

Sarah has a TON of great crafts on her blog, and what makes it even better is that she has very clear instructions on how to complete those projects. This particular project, she even attached a video. Brilliant!! Because sometimes I like to know that how I’m interpreting the instructions are actually how it’s supposed to be, lol!!

I chose my pretty colors to match my husband’s website theme as I was making this for our daughter to wear at our next event. And then, because I wanted it to be dolled up a little, I chose the red with the strand of sparkle going through it. Ahhh!! There we go!

I started off making the hat, and, having made many a beanie in my life, starting with such a big circle was a little weird for me. But I got over it and pressed on. After a few rows, I was very confident in where I was headed with this project.

When all was said and done, I think it took me a couple hours to complete, and that was while being a bit distracted by the tv show I was watching while crocheting. The show is a real tear jerker!

There we have it! One complete messy bun hat for my wee one, and she sports it just beautifully!

Head on over to Sarah’s blog to get the pattern!