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January in Pre-K was music month for our daughter’s school. Which, naturally, meant that the kids would be making homemade instruments. Now, my husband and I are pretty crafty in our own areas. Between the two of us, there should be no reason we cannot make something cool.

Until now….

We tried many different instruments before settling on the kazoo, lol. Our daughter wanted a violin, but we couldn’t find boxes that would suit that creation. Drums seemed too easy to do, as well as the typical cereal box guitar, or those little hand drums (Karate Kid anyone?).

We resorted to the magic of Google and YouTube to find some pretty cool creations. And the one that sparked our little girl’s interest the most, is also the most annoying of them all. The kazoo. But let me tell you, she had the most fun doing this extremely simple project, and the excitement in her little face when she made noise from something she made, well, that’s what it’s all about.

Here’s what we used:



Xyron Creative Station

2 Empty Toilet Paper Rolls

2 – 8” x 4” pieces of Parchment Paper, folded in half to make squares

2 Rubber Bands

2 – 6” x 3.75” pieces of plain white paper

Crop-a-dile or Hole Punch


First, I had our daughter color on her paper. I just put her crayons and colored pencils in front of her and had her go to town. If you can’t tell, she’s into Teen Titans Go. You can see she drew Cyborg, Raven, and Starfire on her papers, lol.

Next, I ran them through my Xyron Creative Station. This thing is magical! There are many different types of cartridges you can use with this particular machine. It will hold 5” or 9” cartridges, and adhesive, laminate, or magnet sheets. For this, I used the permanent adhesive.You put the pieces of paper on the ledge, making sure they are pressed to the edge of the rollers, then roll the paper between the rollers, use the cutter at the other end once the paper is through, and VOILA!

Now, press the clear sheet on top of the paper, just to make sure your paper is firmly stuck to the adhesive backing. Peel the clear plastic off, and throw away. Slowly peel one of the papers from the adhesive backing, and lay face down on the counter.

Line up one of the empty toilet paper rolls onto the paper, and slowly roll the paper onto the cardboard. Do this with both rolls, and both pieces of paper.

To finish it off, rubber band one folded square of parchment paper to one end of the toilet paper roll, and do the same to the second set. Finally, punch two holes on one side of the roll. Place one hole about an inch from the bottom, and the second about another inch above the first hole. This is what they’ll look like…

Pretty easy, right?? And they sound fabulous!!