Veteran’s Day weekend was rockin’ at our local Savannah Harley Davidson! Their Fall Customer Appreciation event had their typical outside set up, which included their HOG booth, a local live band (which I never caught the name of!), and free catered food. The band played some great covers of popular songs like Chicken Fried by Zac Brown Band, and this beautiful rendition of Take It Easy by Eagles. Now, my husband is the Harley rider in our family, but these events are ways for our daughter and I to get a peek into his riding world, and all he loves about this culture. I also think it’s his way to try to work me into my own bike, haha!

We always love going to these events as a family, and we are always curious to see which restaurant they have chosen to go with for catering. Both my husband and I are San Diego natives, which means we know quality Mexican food when we taste it. So we were beyond thrilled when we found that the new local (and by local, I mean they practically share a parking lot with Savannah Harley Davidson!) Mexican restaurant, Flacos Tacos. Can you say Y~U~M?? But that’s another review for another day!

While the food, the band, and the 20% off everything but bikes were big players in this event, the true headliner was the magnificent Harley Davidson truck, which contained the 2018 line up of new bikes. I can’t quote all the specs for you on each individual bike like my husband can, and I don’t even have my own bike yet. But what I can tell you is that this beefy line up had me designing my own bike when we got home that day!

The 2018 line features the Milwaukee-Eight engine, which runs cooler than previous models thanks to liquid cooling, yet increases power up by an average 10% across the board. With fewer parts in the motor, mechanical noise is significantly reduced, and thanks to the Milwaukee-Eight being balanced and rubber-mounted, there is, according to Harley Davidson, a 75% reduction in vibration.

Take a look at some of the motorcycles that make up the 2018 line up!

True motorcycle enthusiasts appreciate the roar of that iconic Harley engine. They find enjoyment knowing their motorcycles can be heard blocks away, and their adrenaline goes through the roof at the sound of that deep rumble. Whether you are a casual rider, die hard, or somewhere in between, the chance of you being disappointed by the Harley Davidson 2018 line up is extremely slim.

If you would like to learn more about the features and ride of some of the Harley Davidson 2018 line up, visit the Freedom Behind Bars review section to see what my motorcycle enthusiast of a husband had to say about his test rides on some of these beauties!