Disclaimer: I received  a Gourmet Gift Basket for free in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own. Please read our Disclosure Policy for more information.

I love the idea of gift baskets. You get a basket. You fill it with many fun and cool things. You give entire basket as gift. Easy peasy, right?? Bonus? The basket itself is a gift! Whoa! 

I am sure you have heard of Gourmet Gift Baskets, right? They are this fantastic company that does all the work for you. Brilliant! When you go to their website, you are immediately shown so many crazy amazing options. From sympathy baskets, to corporate baskets, meat and cheese gifts, baked goods baskets, there is even a cheesecake sampler for crying out loud! I wasn’t sure which basket I would be receiving for review, but let’s just say I was pretty excited!

This is how the basket arrived. You would never guess what was inside. But see that label? Once you pull that tab, a greeting card is hidden behind it, making that the first thing the receiver would see, before opening the box and getting sidetracked by all the amazingness inside.

And just in case the receiver didn’t see the giant “pull tab” on the label of the box, here is one more chance for them to see the greeting card before they jump into the box of goodies!

I’m sure you’re wondering how well the contains are packed and contained inside a simple box like this. I was curious, too. I was also quickly amazed.

Not only was there giant air cushions on top, but those were the thick plastic air bubbles, too. There was no way those babies were going to pop in transit, or deflate.

Once I opened the box, removed the air cushions, and pulled out the bucket, I realized I received the Spiked Hard Seltzer Sampler. But how did they get everything to stay put in transit? It’s kind of hard to tell, but this bucket is wrapped in plastic. Tightly wrapped in plastic. That bow is merely decoration. And how did they know green was my favorite color??

Yeah, yeah, yeah….But those cans must have been quite shook up when you got them, right?? Not as much as you would think! Underneath all those delicious snacks and colorful paper strips, these cans were carefully placed into foam holes to hold them in place. What???? I know. Clever, right??

Remember how we talked about the basket being a cool part of the actual gift? Well, check out the pail! All these delicious treats and yummy hard seltzers were packed away in this pretty awesome metal pail. And there are SO many things this DIY lover can do with that pail!

So, bottom line? Worth it? Or pass?

Hands down, absolutely worth it! And here’s why:

~ You won’t have to leave your house to shop for a basket of goodies for gifts. Simply get online to their website, choose from one of the many options, and have it delivered (as soon as the next day in most instances!) to the person of your choice!

~ There are SO many options!! Seriously! Coffee, healthy treats, gluten free, snacks, beer, wine, meat and cheese, baked goods, popcorn, spa, there’s even a breakfast basket!

~ You can get FREE SHIPPING on some of those baskets! In fact, there is a section right on the home page that leads you to a page of about 30 options for baskets that will ship for free to your recipient.

~ Quality and contents. Not gonna lie. I have seen Gourmet Gift Baskets for years. I always check out their site to see what new baskets they have. But I’ve never pulled the trigger. If you’re like me, you are probably wondering if the baskets are truly worth the cost. First, yes. Yes, they are. Second, there are baskets for as little as $19.99! Third, you get your money’s worth.

Not only was I amazed with the contents, but the packaging was top notch! If Gourmet Gift Baskets took that much care with this basket, I know the other amazing options they have on their website are packaged just as well. In fact, I’ve already started scouring their site and making notes on some options for Christmas gifts for out of town friends and family.

So go check out their website, and take a look at all the options they have to offer. You can even get 10% off your purchase if you sign up for their email list. Awesome, right?? Totally!