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I am a sucker for gadgets. No! It’s true!! Everything from kitchen, to cleaning, to anything that will save me time and money. That’s where this little guy comes in.

I know what you’re thinking. Why can’t I just flip my bottles over?

Now, I want you to think of the last time you got to the bottom of your dish soap.

That top isn’t necessarily flat, is it? It’s rounded, actually. Most are to some degree. And trying to balance those on the tiny part that is flat takes time, and they never stand up. And if you’re anything like most people, including me, you only try so hard to get the last bit of soap out, and then that bottle is in the trash. Am I right?

Instead, I gave this Flip-It kit a whirl!

Here’s what you get!

There are also gaskets included (not pictured), and trust me, those are important! The brilliant thing about the kit, is that you get different sizes. Between the different sizes you receive, you are definitely covered for whatever it is you need to flip!

I was tired of wasting dish soap. Because even the last 1/4 of a teaspoon of dish soap can be the difference between me finishing the dishes tonight, or me having to wait to finish them the next day, when I hopefully remember to get more dish soap.

And the process is so unbelievably easy!

Simply slip on a gasket and the adapter, then another gasket and the dispensing base. Then, you Flip-It!

You can see how the soap just flows to the bottom. And then, once it’s settled, you see how much soap you actually have left that you will be able to use! What? Use ALL of what I pay for?? Insanity!

The awesome thing about this little gadget, is that you can use it on pretty much anything. I haven’t found something that I haven’t been able to use it on. Dish soap? Well, you saw that! Honey? Sure! Hot sauce? Okay!

And don’t forget about things that aren’t in the kitchen!

Pump lotion? YES! Shampoo? Absolutely! I even have some craft glue container that the adapters fit!

I am super thrilled that I was able to try out this bad boy, and I know you will love it, too! I mean, who doesn’t love saving money? And when you get to use all the product that you are paying for, you are saving money.

So head on over to their [eafl id=”1906″ name=”Flip-It Cap” text=”website”], and grab a kit or two! You can even find them on ! And don’t forget some extra gaskets!