I am all for chocolate. So when I saw that Starbucks had a Double Double Fudge Bar frappuccino, I had to have it!

I love watching my drinks be made. The baristas do it so quickly, adding all the pumps of deliciousness without looking at any recipe. What topped off this frap, literally, was the special chocolate whipped cream. Y~U~M.

I expected it to be much sweeter than it was, which shouldn’t have shocked me, because fudge bars are not excessively sweet. Instead of an overwhelming flavor of sweet chocolate, my first sip was as if I was eating a freaking fudge bar! It had a deep chocolate flavor, almost bordering on an extra dark chocolate, was extremely smooth, and ended with a small hint of that coffee flavor we know and love. I will admit, though, a grande was a little too much for me. About two thirds of the way through, I was wondering how much I had left. Not that it wasn’t good, but it was like eating chocolate bar after chocolate bar. I can’t even imagine what a venti would have been like!

Bottom Line:

If you enjoy fudge bars, this one is a must. But seriously, start with a tall!

Available Until:

July 11, 2016