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I Made My Kid Do WHAT?!?!?!!

If you’re a mother or father, you’ve seen it. You’ve lived it. If you’re an aunt or uncle, you’ve seen it, and you’ve laughed at it. If you are an innocent bystander when it happens, you’ve witnessed it, and you’ve probably Facebooked about the poor mother or father having to deal with it. With children, it’s inevitable.

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The #1 Thing I Want to Teach Our Daughter

I’m sure you watch or read the news, if not everyday, then at least a few times a week. My home page for my computer is actually set to a news site. So it’s the first thing that I see every time I get on the computer and open up my browser. You know what I see a lot of? Murder, kidnappings, bullying, suicides, self hate, and a lot of ads telling me what I should be, do, see, or partake of. It’s rather disgusting. At least in my opinion. I get it. Our warped society get wrapped up in all the hatred that spews day in and day out all across the world. That, I don’t understand. But it’s just the facts.

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I Changed My Mind, It Changed Our Lives

I don’t remember when it happened. But somewhere between the homemade treats, crafts, and after school trips to the beach, I decided I wanted to be a mom. I wanted to spend time making a house a home, making food from scratch instead of from a box, teaching my children to appreciate their artistic abilities, and so much more. But the key thing to all of that, is that I wanted children. So very badly, I wanted children.

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My Fam


Life is beautiful, and it is chaotic. I am not perfect by any means. Just trying to find my path through this beautiful journey, while being the best mother and wife I know how to be. This is my beautiful chaos.

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