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I Chose ME

That’s me at my heaviest, 295 lbs. It was also the year of my wedding, 13 years ago, probably about three months before my wedding. I found this a few weeks ago, it’s a Polaroid, and at first, I was going to just put it back in the photo box from whence it came, and forget about it until I found it again. And then I thought, no.

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How Did I Get Here??

Have you ever gotten to a point in your life, where you just sit down and wonder how in the heck you go to where you are in life? Whether it’s wondering how you fell away from your brilliant workout plan, how you cave into those delicious treats in life, or how you got so far off track financially, have you ever just wondered……How did I get here?

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Being Angry at God Changed My Life

I was out at an event last week, and a friend, not noticing I was praying before eating, started talking to me. She immediately stopped as soon as she realized it, and when I opened my eyes and lifted my head, she apologized and said that it had been a long time since she not only noticed someone saying grace before eating, but since she had, too. Then she mentioned that it’s sometimes hard to be thankful when you have an illness that often leaves you loathing God more than loving him.

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My Fam


Life is beautiful, and it is chaotic. I am not perfect by any means. Just trying to find my path through this beautiful journey, while being the best mother and wife I know how to be. This is my beautiful chaos.

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