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Remember to Love…

I was grocery shopping with my mini me today, and when I thought I was done, I remembered green onions. Thank goodness, because enchiladas are just not the same without them! On our way back to the produce section, I saw an old man pushing a small cart back toward his wife. When he got within five feet of her, she immediately started scolding him as if he were a child that had run off causing mischief. She grabbed him by the arm, turned him down an aisle, and proceeding to literally yell at him. What amazed me, was...

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I Walk by Faith

Last week was a tough week for me, and not because the Chargers moved to LA, though that was disheartening. It began with a doctor’s appointment that left me with a lot to process and digest, while my husband was out on a field exercise for the week. Add our beautiful toddler to the mix, and there wasn’t any downtime for me to actually process what was being told to me. It was one of those times, where it would have been easy to fall apart, play the “why me” card, binge on junk food, and call it a...

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You Won’t Believe How I Reacted to This…

I learned two things today….. ~ Mommy has a potty mouth ~ Our daughter is an artist! And a creative one at that! They say “Silence is Golden. Unless it is a child, then silence is dangerous!” After being the daycare provider for three of six nieces and our one nephew from their infancy, I know this. VERY well. Still, I thought nothing of it as our daughter was quietly playing in her room. When I noticed it was lunchtime, I called for her to come downstairs. She likes to lock her bedroom door (and she’s only three!), and for...

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Homemade Potato Chips

We’ve all got a vice. Something we go to the cupboard for, in hopes of finding, grabbing, and munching down on. Mine is potato chips. Ruffles to be exact. And kettle chips. I love those suckers! So when my husband wanted Philly cheesesteaks for dinner last week, and I asked him what he wanted on the side, I all too quickly jumped for joy when he said, “Let’s try some homemade potato chips. You up for the challenge?” Ummm….YES! Potato chips are a pretty easy concept, right? Peel and slice the potatoes, then fry them, right? Yeah, pretty much....

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Chicken with Broccoli

I love Chinese food. It’s in my blood. Well, the Chinese part anyhow. While I love my greasy take out from my favorite place back in San Diego, the Army life has taken us places where Chinese food was limited, and GOOD Chinese food was pretty much nonexistent. Thank goodness I love to cook! I found this book in the clearance section at a Barnes and Noble almost ten years ago. I fiddled with it here and then, trying some of the recipes I knew and loved growing up. But it wasn’t until we got sent to Germany in...

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My Fam


Life is beautiful, and it is chaotic. I am not perfect by any means. Just trying to find my path through this beautiful journey, while being the best mother and wife I know how to be. This is my beautiful chaos.

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